How to Clean Spark Plugs With WD40

In the following, we’ll share a step-by-step procedure regarding How to Clean Spark Plugs with wd40. The WD-40 Big Blast is a spray that helps you to keep your vehicle’s spark plug moisture-free. As, we know that after the Winter or Rainy season, the rust develops on the spark plug. This happened when you do not check your vehicle regularly and as a result it starts missing while starting the engine. To make your plug rust-free in the following we’ll share with you detailed information that how you can make your spark plug rust free and the cleaning of the spark plug will be done by WD40 the reputed spray commonly found in automobile markets in Pakistan and also it is available online stores too at price PKR 299. Let’s check the discussion How to Clean Spark Plugs with wd40.

Cleaning Spark Plugs with WD40

Procedure to Clean Spark Plug:

  1. First, remove the Plug Cover carefully.
  2. Use Wrench to take off the plug.
  3. Wipe the plug area and plug with a cloth.
  4. Spray WD40 spray product directly onto the affected area.
  5. Give time to dissolve the rust after spraying WD40 spray.
  6. Clean the spark plug with a cloth and make it dry.
  7. Put the spark plug back in the vehicle and cover it.

Above we share the detailed procedure about how you can clean the spark plug by self at home without going to the mechanic. The rusting and moisture can cause the missing in engine during driving on the extended journey. So, keep WD 40 Spray in toolbox and keep checking your vehicle to avoid the moisture and rusting on spark plug that would disturb your journey.

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