How to Check Prius Hybrid Battery Health

If you have Toyota Prius Hybrid Car then this article will surely help you because we’ll discuss with you How to Check Prius Hybrid Battery Health. The battery checking procedure is quite simple that you perform all procedures easily at home without going to a workshop or electrician. Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric car and it ranks first in a mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle. Japan and the USA are the biggest markets for Prius but in Pakistan public is attracting Toyota Prius due to its attractive body shaped, features and specifications installed to give you a comfortable journey.

So let’s discuss How to Check Prius Hybrid Battery Health at home by following simple steps shared below.

Prius Hybrid Battery Health Check

Procedure to Check Prius Hybrid Battery Health:

  1. First press your power button (This will also work when engine).
  2. Your screen will lid up and the diagnostic menu in front of you.
  3. Press 03 times the Display Button.
  4. Now, we entered the diagnosis mode and wait for the screen to load and show the functions to go through.
  5. Then Press Menu.
  6. Then press Display Check.
  7. Press Vehicle Signal Check
  8. The status of regular 12V auxiliary battery.
  9. Press the Brake and Power Button, you’ll see the voltage will jump up.
  10. After Pushing Power Button if your battery status is above 13.8V then your battery is in good condition.

The battery health can only check in Diagnostic Mode and in this mode, none of the other features will work. The only way to get out of the Diagnostic Mode you need to turn the vehicle off and you will be out of the diagnostic mode.

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